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Tracks on Damp Sand



         It's a book about light, about seeing, and about finding the words to save what we see and save ourselves. The 62 lyric poems follow the story of a pair of bald eagles building their first nest and hatching their first young. There are also encounters with other creatures, a lost mallard,  a raccoon with a limp, a curious doe, a desert sparrow far from home.

I love the braiding of human lives into the animal world ...                                           

                                                    Robin Chapman, One Hundred White Pelicans (Tebot Bach)


Awesome Cover. Something is going on there. Something is definitely going on there ...

                                                     John Adler, Poet/Song Writer/Bartender--Angry Minnow, Hayward, Wisconsin


I will keep the poems (ever) handy. They do make me slow down and observe more patiently than is my wont at times.

                                        Fr. Don, Theologian, St. John's University



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